Mission and Vision

Yale’s Mission and Vision

This institution offers an educational programme which aims to meet the needs of both the national and international communities. Yale’s aim is to produce children who are actively engaged in the pursuit of knowledge, and who are confident and capable of creative and critical thought.


Yale’s objectives are:

  • To provide educational excellence in a supportive, secure environment, preparing our students to thrive and succeed as responsible citizens in a changing world.
  • To develop students’ intellectual, imaginative/creative and moral qualities as well as practical skills at the highest level.
  • To develop fluency in the use of language, and to encourage enjoyment of all the processes of communication: speaking and written.
  • Develop students’ skills and abilities to meet global challenges.
  • Build strong foundations for further academic development.
  • Develop social awareness and a sense of responsibility amongst students.
  • To encourage children to appreciate the qualities of collaboration, to foster habits of responsibility and self-discipline, and to promote initiative, endeavour and the exercise of individual judgment.
  • To offer an educational program that focuses on learning, achievement, character, and honour for every individual through a supportive and safe environment.